Driven by Computer

by RaeAnne Marsh

My test ride last month in a self-driving car was boringly uneventful — which is exactly what the goal was. Waymo’s cars first hit the streets last April after logging one billion miles in a simulator where common and uncommon scenarios were imagined and tested, aiming to program the cars to drive like a responsible… [More]

Diamonds — Made in America

by RaeAnne Marsh

Disruption in the diamond industry? You betcha! Spence Diamonds brings to retail an innovative offering that pairs a fun, friendly, transparent and educational experience with a breakthrough product: Spence Artisan Created Diamonds™. “After decades of development, scientists have replicated the diamond creation process of applying temperature and pressure to carbon that created diamonds in the… [More]

Vacation Rental Platform for Sports Fans

by RaeAnne Marsh

Using technology to tie together vacation rentals and major sporting events, Mike Doyle expanded what was initially conceived around the idea of weekend apartment rentals for visiting college football fans and leads Rent Like A Champion as the company expands to the Avondale area for the 2017 NASCAR season. In fact, he says, “Our business… [More]

Custom Tailoring Online

Benjamin Little

Custom tailoring has gone beyond the province of brick-and-mortar to the global world of e-commerce. London-based Santamaria Shirt Makers adds an innovative advance that enables consumers to convincingly explore the virtual representation. The technology enables the online consumer to customize his design through the world’s only photorealistic, fully 3-D shirt customizer. It uses specialized photography… [More]

Driving Blind?

by Mike Hunter

Test-driven on Austin’s public streets last October by a blind man, self-driving cars are becoming reality. The new company Waymo (the name stands for a new way forward in mobility) purchased a physical warehouse in Chandler and has been testing its cars on the streets of Chandler, Ahwatukee and Tempe since April. Previously known as… [More]

Protect Against the Top Three Financial Scams in Arizona

by Robert Gibboni

The typical business loses 5 percent of its annual revenue to fraud, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Financial statement fraud causes the greatest median loss, with an average of $975,000 per scheme. As a financial institution concerned with protecting our customers from scams, we bring experience in identifying scams and preventing being… [More]

Address the Risk of Data Breach

by Mike Hunter

More than 90 percent of data breaches worldwide involve small and medium-sized business organizations. Data breaches result in increased global economic debt — and the reality is, hackers attack anyone, with few to no exceptions. The governing body of the payment card industry (PCI) is the Standards Security Council that includes the major card brands,… [More]

Personalized Systems Enhance Fire Safety

by RaeAnne Marsh

Technology has advanced the fire alarm industry from blaring horn strobes to intelligent voice communication. The trend is to provide more information and give directions, replacing the traditional “make a lot of noise and flash some lights to drive everybody away from the fire,” says David Burns, production manager with Siemens, a multifaceted engineering company.… [More]

AC in e-Commerce

by RaeAnne Marsh

“E-commerce dominates our buying patterns now,” says Erik Bryan, founder and owner of, observing that Amazon has changed the way people buy. “People want simplicity and affordability, and want what they want now. Bringing air conditioning to that platform was only a matter of when.” Buying air conditioning units over the Internet has already… [More]

Tee Time Mobile-ized

by Mike Hunter

Folla Media LLC, a Scottsdale-based holding company of leading golf brands, has launched Golfpay, a golf reservation app that offers golfers a new way to book their tee times. The Web-based app is the first in the world to allow golfers to pay and check-in from their phone, creating a time-saving, hassle-free experience that is… [More]