Navigating Commercial Leasing to Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

by Adam Buck

Growing and selling marijuana may be the most controversial business in America, but, due to changing public opinion and the current political climate, it shows no signs of slowing down. Unless the Federal government decriminalizes the manufacture, sale and use of marijuana, it remains a very risky business, not just for the business owners but… [More]

New Overtime Rules to Impact Arizona Employers

by Chris M. Mason 

Beginning December 1, 2016, the minimum salaries for most exempt jobs will more than double, to $47,476 from the existing $23,660 required. On May 18, the U.S. Department of Labor dealt its long-anticipated regulatory amendments for “white collar” overtime exemptions under the Fair Labor Standards Act, which included increases to the mandatory base salary requirement.… [More]

How to Know When to Litigate

by Leon Silver

Back in the day if a person was wronged, a business defamed or promise unfulfilled, the offended party could challenge his opponent to a duel, meet at high noon, step off his paces, and pray to God that neither his opponent’s aim nor his pistol were more accurate than his own. Historically, we’ve too often… [More]

The Employer Shared Responsibility of the Affordable Care Act

by Kathy Steadman

After considerable fits and starts, the employer responsibility provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) are now in full play. While implementing regulations and related notices can be complex, business owners should understand the basics in order to avoid penalties, identify the best-suited healthcare solutions for their workforce and remain compliant as… [More]

Litigation on the Rise from Americans with Disabilities Act 

by Lindsay G. Leavitt 

Arizona is quickly joining the ranks of California, New York and Texas as a hotbed for lawsuits arising under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Over the past six months, a handful of serial plaintiffs — known as “testers” — have filed hundreds of lawsuits against Arizona businesses. First there was Theresa Brooke, a wheelchair-bound woman… [More]

Cuba: Opening for Business?

by RaeAnne Marsh

What’s important for people eyeing opportunity for business in Cuba to keep in mind is, in spite of the opening of diplomatic relations, there still is a U.S.-Cuba embargo in place. Lifting the embargo will take an act of Congress; what has changed, explains Melissa Proctor, a partner in the law firm Polsinelli, is the… [More]

Considerations with Funding a Company

by R. Steven Reed

Determining the best capital structure for a business is one of the many difficult decisions owners and founders must make. Capital structures vary widely, and what may work best for one company may be completely wrong for another — depending on the industry area, resources available and management team. Different capital structures include bootstrapping (completely… [More]

Keeping Business in the Family Way

by Darren T. Case

Earlier in May, Cathy Hughes, an attorney-adviser for the Estate and Gift Tax Policy Office for the United States Department of the Treasury, sent shockwaves into the tax and estate planning community by announcing that new regulations would be implemented to make it much more difficult for families to transfer a family business to the… [More]

Equity Crowdfunding Comes to Arizona

by Kevin J. Walsh

Arizona’s new crowdfunding law, which is intended to give small companies in the local Arizona economy greater access to capital, took effect on July 3, 2015. Arizona joins a growing number of states that have recently enacted laws permitting some form of equity crowdfunding. For startups and other emerging growth businesses that may not have… [More]

New Labor Rules Are Reason for Risk Assessment

by RaeAnne Marsh

The National Labor Relations Board has, historically, focused on the unionized part of the National Labor Relations Act, but the act has always covered non-unionized employees as well — and this is where the current NLRB is especially focused. The NLRA’s “mutual aid and protection” component is what the NLRB is using to greatly expand… [More]