Avoid a Costly Flu Season

by Mike Baize

When it comes to flu season, both employees and employers are at risk. According to the National Foundation for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, up to 20 percent of the U.S. population suffers with the flu each year. The loss of employee earnings is estimated at $16.3 billion annually and the overall economic… [More]

Advanced Illness Management

by Mike Hunter

Hospice of the West, a leading community-based hospice and palliative care organization in Maricopa County, points to the importance of Advanced Illness Management for health plan members with serious illnesses, effectively improving care quality, addressing financial consequences, and coordinating access to care. To further advance satisfaction with care and health plan participation, AIM utilizes a unique… [More]

Stand Up for Work

by Mike Hunter

Standing desks are gaining attention as a way to promote health and wellness in the workplace. The peer-reviewed British Journal of Sports Medicine recommends office employees work their way up to standing for four hours per day. One key reason, aside from workers being more alert and focused, is that standing burns more calories than… [More]

Specialized Response to PT Clinic Growth

by RaeAnne Marsh

Emma Kingston’s recent launch of PT Clinic Marketing after two year’s success with AZ Healthcare Marketing is a response to the growth of that specialized facet of the healthcare industry. “The more I was engaged in the medical community, the more I saw that [physical therapy] clinics are really taking off, and changing the way… [More]

Posture Impacts Productivity

by Mike Hunter

A new product addresses a health and productivity issue that affects a large segment of the workforce — poor posture. The UpRight Trainer is a small wearable that attaches to the upper or lower back and employs advanced smart sensors to vibrate gently when the user slouches, reminding him to correct his posture and, ultimately,… [More]

Wellness Benefits

by Mike Hunter

MJ Insurance has added a new position of wellness coordinator to its Arizona benefits consulting team, charged with developing and employing wellness initiatives for its clientele. Bringing experience and education in wellness and exercise to this new position, Amanda Marenghi will use data-driven strategies to provide them with the necessary tools and understanding to deliver… [More]

Wearable Devices Integrate with Wellness Program

by Mike Hunter

Last year, UnitedHealthcare and Qualcomm introduced UnitedHealthcare Motion as a pilot program that integrates new wearable devices with wellness programs and allows people to earn financial rewards for being active. The program was built around Qualcomm Life’s 2net™ Platform* for medical-grade connectivity that features multiple safeguards to help keep data secure. Following the successful test,… [More]

It’s All about Meditation 

by RaeAnne Marsh

Current Meditation’s raison d’être is empowering people to tap into the benefits of meditation and use it every day to improve their quality of life. “Meditation is becoming mainstream,” says Ross Weisman, president and chief operating officer, who, with his co-founders, brings to the enterprise a combined 40-plus years of business experience. In vogue now… [More]

U.S. Health Advances — and Declines

by Mike Hunter

With employee health continuing to be an important focus for employers, recognizing the direct correlation to productivity and healthcare premiums and thus profitability, the 27th America’s Health Rankings Annual Report® recently released by United Health Foundation has both good news and bad. The report — which is prepared through an analysis of 34 measures of… [More]

Magellan Health Expands 

by Mike Hunter

Magellan Health, Inc. has entered into an agreement to acquire Veridicus Holdings, LLC, a privately held pharmacy benefit management (PBM) organization with a unique set of clinical services and capabilities. Veridicus’ differentiated approach to pharmacy management leverages proprietary analytics and clinical software that integrates pharmacy, medical and lab data to drive targeted interventions resulting in… [More]