Don Smith, CopperPoint Insurance Companies

from Don Smith

Small business is widely recognized nationally as the foundational building block of our economy. In Arizona, especially, this segment is healthy and thriving; our state has been named one of the best for entrepreneurialism. CopperPoint Insurance Companies, renamed and reorganized from the former SCF Arizona, was the state’s dedicated workers’ compensation insurance resource, and, as… [More]

Christine Mackay, City of Phoenix

from Christine Mackay

What does successful economic development look like for Arizona? The state’s early economy was built on the famous “5 C’s”: copper, cattle, cotton, citrus and climate. In the post-5 C’s era, other vital industries have come to the fore, such as biomedicine and technology. Much of this is concentrated in the Greater Phoenix area. The… [More]

RaeAnne Marsh, In Business Magazine

by RaeAnne Marsh

The commercial real estate truism of the boom days of single-family housing developments was “retail follows rooftops.” Today’s housing market is dominated by multifamily projects, and the hot trend now is to concentrate them near employment centers. So, although construction is no longer the key economic foundation of the heyday of Arizona’s famous “Five C’s,”… [More]

Steve Purves, Maricopa Integrated Health System

from Steve Purves

Employers have long recognized the importance of healthcare as an issue in their business operations. Today’s federally mandated requirements have added to their responsibilities, to not only provide the level of healthcare benefits that makes their company competitive in attracting and retaining talent but also meet the ongoing roll-out of compliance provisions. Add to those… [More]

David Adame, Chicanos Por La Causa

from David Adame

Arizona is home to more than 21,000 nonprofits, with missions as varied as our population. And while it is recognized that these organizations serve the community through services to their various constituents — from providing the basics of food, shelter and clothing to mentoring to medical assistance and research — it is not so generally… [More]

Daniel Mahoney, Snell & Wilmer

Benjamin Little

Greater Phoenix is now home to some major events, from the home-grown Waste Management Phoenix Open to Spring Training, including events we have to beat out other locations for the privilege to host, like the Super Bowl, the College Football National Championship and the Final Four. This isn’t just headline entertainment; it’s an industry that… [More]

Rick McCartney, InMedia Company

from Rick McCartney

A healthy state economy is the common goal of our state’s leaders in politics and business — so Arizona will continue to be an attractive home for individuals and companies. Both forces earnestly and energetically pursue courses of action they believe will achieve the best results. That they don’t always see eye to eye on… [More]

Chris Camacho, Greater Phoenix Economic Council

from Chris Camacho

New jobs are bolstering the economy in the Greater Phoenix area, and it’s not just the number of people employed but the types of jobs being created. Even as we diversify our economy with a broader array of industries, the jobs within the workplace are evolving due to changes in both technology and demographics. Within… [More]

Matthew Feeney, Snell & Wilmer

from Matthew Feeney

Arizona is recognized as a key state for entrepreneurship and business startups, but our economic vitality also needs those small businesses to scale and grow. There are resources available to the business community to assist companies in reaching that higher level. But businesses can look inward to leverage their resources and invest in themselves to… [More]

R. Allan Allford, Delta Dental of Arizona

from R. Allan Allford

Workplace health is a complicated issue, and employers face a multitude of responsibilities. One aspect, of course, is the healthcare mandate expressly imposed by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. In addition to physical well-being is the more subjective psychological well-being — much of which derives from the workplace environment created by company culture.… [More]