Grow More Easily

by Doug Bruhnke

You want to grow your business, but you can’t be everywhere to do it. You don’t have an unlimited budget — time or money. And so how do you make multi-metro growth more attainable? That’s a problem we’ve been working on for two years. Yes, we’re two years old here at Global Chamber®. My, how… [More]

Global Chamber® Teams with U.S. State Department 

by Kim Bridges and Nia Febriyanti

This past fall, once again Global Chamber® was selected by the Department of State’s Professional Fellows Program (PFP) to host two more Professional Fellows from its program, designed to teach young leaders around the world about the U.S., and foster the creation of long-term business relationships and business opportunities that grow wealth on every side of every… [More]

Global Chamber® and U.S. Trade and Development Agency

by Kim Bridges

Global Chamber® announces a new partnership relationship with the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA). Through its Making Global Local initiative, the USTDA assists U.S.-based businesses in their global business growth by establishing links between business and foreign project sponsors, bringing private-sector solutions to development challenges abroad. Global Chamber and 25 of its U.S.-based chapters… [More]

Stories of Success in Japan

by Nobuo Yoneyama

Japan is the third-largest economy in the world and the second-largest consumer and brand products market in the world. Japan is a pro-U.S. country with sophisticated consumers and a large potential opportunity for non-Japanese suppliers to compete and thrive. Recently, our Global Chamber® Tokyo team had the opportunity to host and help U.S. companies that… [More]

Being Smart about Trade and Global Business

by Doug Bruhnke

I just returned from an extended visit to Asia where I witnessed first-hand the rapid growth of consumer and business markets. Every day, hour and minute, more business is created. It’s stunning! Opportunity is everywhere. And so, the thought that progress with globalization will be slowed because folks in the U.S. Rust Belt say so,… [More]

‘Globies’ Always Find a Way

by Ty Richardson

The “Global Tribe” of business leaders — the “globies” — always finds a way to succeed. We’re resilient and flexible to constantly adapt, and so we often thrive in the entrepreneurial world. Last month, I had the opportunity to attend one of Europe’s largest startup and technology conferences, Slush 2016. This event is hosted by… [More]

Global Case Study with Student Entrepreneurs 

by Henry Ines

Students are our future, and it’s looking good on the global side of things! Global Chamber® San Francisco hosted the Global Case Challenge 2016, where undergraduate and graduate student teams from the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond were invited to compete and pitch innovative ideas and solutions addressing a particular global or local problem or issue.… [More]

Global Chamber® Virtual Events Help You Connect and Grow! 

by Dakota Drake

Virtual events are an efficient and hassle-free way of staying apprised of what’s happening in global business. Organized by Global Chamber® and hosted by the CEO and founder of The Magnificent Leader, Patty Azar, the Global Chamber Magnificent Global Leader virtual events bring global business leaders engaging and useful information in the comfort of their… [More]

Our 2016 Progress on the Way to 525 Metros

by Doug Bruhnke

We’re pleased to announce that Global Chamber® continues to grow throughout the world by adding chapters and growing our business team, on the way to fully covering 525 metros, in every country. New agreements these past months include a partnership with social impactors between Indonesia and the world. HIPMI (Himpunan Pengusaha Muda Indonesia) and Global… [More]

Be Everywhere

by Doug Bruhnke

Who has time to be everywhere? No one person can be, not even a group of people within one company. And so the team at Global Chamber® works around the clock and around the world to grow our global network of more than 5 million business connections, so that as a member, you’ll benefit. Because… [More]