Chuck McLane: Accounting for CBIZ Growth

Strengthening nonprofits relationships and employee development

A strong focus of CBIZ’s Phoenix office is its not-for-profit practice. In fact, shares lead managing director Chuck McLane, “some of our success here has led to similar approaches in other CBIZ offices.” His office’s approach includes identifying the not-for-profit organizations in the Valley that have a meaningful purpose and are able to attract to… [More]

Rob Donat: Enhancing Fleet ROI

by RaeAnne Marsh

“Any vehicle that has a phone number on it is potentially valuable to a company like ours,” says Rob Donat, founder and CEO of fleet tracking company GPS Insight, which provides sophisticated tracking solutions that help companies with fleets add value to their operation — more efficient dispatch and routing being one of many advantages.… [More]

Jeffrey Martin: Creating an Industry for Natural, Renewable Rubber 

by Kaleigh Shufeldt 

Fifteen years ago, Jeffrey Martin co-founded the Yulex Corporation with Dan Swiger after learning about a technology licensed from the United States Department of Agriculture to extract natural rubber latex from the guayule plant. Yulex’s mission is “to protect and improve the planet and its people by providing pure and improved plant-based products, which promote… [More]

John Lines: Adding Value in Auction Innovation

by RaeAnne Marsh

Supply chain end-of-life for one business may be just the beginning for another, and John Lines’ Phoenix-based Surplus Asset Management helps make that connection as businesses remodel or close. “We sell a grocery store chain, and that allows little mom-and-pop bakeries or pizza or grocery stores to open up for a huge savings over new… [More]

Daniel Lieberman, M.D.: Creating a Shorter Route to Relieving Pain

by RaeAnne Marsh

A notable feature in surgeon Daniel Lieberman’s recently opened Phoenix Spine Surgery Center gives visual manifestation to his innovative approach to healthcare: It’s the patient experience delineated in a clearly marked path in the tile floor. As one visitor expressed it to him, “This makes you feel like the whole thing is under control, and… [More]

Brian Cassidy: Developing Niche Market Expertise 

by Alison Stanton

As one of the principals of architecture firm CCBG Architects, Inc., Brian Cassidy stays busy working on a variety of different projects. A passion of his now is adaptive reuse of old structures in the heart of Downtown Phoenix, and the firm is a leader in the movement to take old buildings that are still… [More]

Blue Sky Pest Control: Building Strength from Small Decisions 

by Alexandra Lyon

The creepy-crawlies of the Arizona desert are no match for Curtis Whalen and Nathan Woolf, owners of Blue Sky Pest Control. The Phoenix-based company has experienced aggressive growth since opening its first office in the Phoenix metropolitan area in 2003, and now has more than 65 employees and a second location in Gilbert. This growth… [More]

Erik Olsson’s Growth Strategy: Character

by Alison Stanton

To Erik Olsson, when he came on board with Mobile Mini, Inc. two years ago as president and CEO, the company seemed somewhat complacent in its success. “It was a little bit of a sleeping giant, although it was a great business in itself and had done well for many years. But even though it… [More]

Trish McCarty: Innovating Education

by Alison Stanton

As founder and CEO of StarShine Academy, a K-12 charter school in Phoenix, Trish McCarty feels strongly that her most important customers are the students, some of whom are just 5 years old. “Our main customers are our children, and the second-most important customers are our teachers,” she says. McCarty was inspired to open StarShine… [More]

Eric Roudi: Seeing the People Side of Commercial Cleaning 

by Mike Saucier

Eric Roudi realized in the early 1980s something that others at the time had not: The cleaning business is really a people business. It’s a people business in the sense that clients who own commercial buildings have needs and requests they’d like to convey to someone they know and trust. It’s also a people business… [More]