Feedback: May 2016

by Chris Chamberlain | Alvaro Sande | Patricia Watts

Question: What do you feel are the main drivers for projects like yours? How is your project indicative of trends in the current commercial real estate market? Chris Chamberlain Real Estate Developer North American Development Group Sector: Real Estate With the growing demand in the Valley for truly great live/work spaces in our urban areas,… [More]

Feedback: April 2016

by Chad Falkenberg, Carson Holmquist, Nathan Perrins

Question: What is the most notable need your employees have expressed regarding healthcare and wellness since the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act? Chad Falkenberg Chairman and CEO Soilworks Sector: Manufacturing At Soilworks, offering a choice in healthcare plans is very important to our employees. They appreciate having three quality healthcare choices available… [More]

Feedback: March 2016

by Bo Calbert, John Lines, Jason Mitchell

Question: What has your company’s philanthropic giving or activities done for the morale of your workforce? Bo Calbert President McCarthy Building Companies Southwest Division Sector: Construction Heart Hats is the volunteer-based community outreach arm of McCarthy Building Companies’ Southwest Division, based in Phoenix. Heart Hats is organized by McCarthy employees and their families to support the communities… [More]

Feedback: February 2016

by Howard Lein, Brad Taylor, Lorraine Zomok

Question: It is expected that a major event venue will generate benefit to local businesses as well as impacting the quality of life for residents. But what has been the single most surprising benefit to business in your community you have seen or experienced? Howard Lein Founder & Owner RE/MAX Excalibur Sector: Real Estate We feel… [More]

Feedback: January 2016

by Judy Bernas | Rick DeGraw | Kimber Lanning

Question: What do you feel is the one thing the Arizona State Legislature needs to focus on in the next year or two that would dramatically improve the economic picture in Arizona?   Judy Bernas Associate VP for External Relations The University of Arizona Sector: Education There are too many needs and never enough money.… [More]

Feedback: December 2015

by David Racich, Hamid Shojaee, Katee Van Horn

Question: It has always been clear that jobs fix the economy. What strategies have you employed company-wide that have resulted in job creation? David Racich Founder and Chief Executive Officer Brokers Alliance Sectors: Financial Services and Technology In 2015 I made a decision for our family of companies to bring all employees home here, to Arizona.… [More]

Feedback: November 2015

by Dennis Cornelius | Joel Gottesman | Liesl Harder Kielp

Question: What strategy have you followed in using your business’s resources or capital to grow, or what advice do you have for companies with capital to do so? Dennis Cornelius Managing Partner CKS Advisors, LLC Sector: Finance Business owners have many new choices as they consider the best alternative to finance growth. With restrictive changes… [More]

Feedback: September 2015

by Bernie Clark, Ed Colby, Tomas Gorny

Question: What are the key elements of company culture for your business? And how do you foster this culture? Bernie Clark Executive Vice President Charles Schwab Sector: Financial For more than 40 years, Schwab has been challenging the status quo to help investors and those who serve them transform lives and realize dreams. Every decision… [More]

Feedback: Sept. 2015

by John DeWulf, Tina Marie Tentori, Ed Zito

Question: What was the most impactful event — whether a donation or an activity — you have done recently? John DeWulf Partner Coppersmith Brockelman P.L.C. Sector: Law Social Venture Partners Arizona, through its partners’ collective skills, experience, connections and other resources, helps build the capacity and effectiveness of local nonprofits. Over the last few years,… [More]

Feedback: July 2015

by David J. Jacofsky, M.D., Bassel Osmani, Robert Wilson

Question: Business owners and executives are often given advice — solicited and unsolicited. What is the best advice ever given to you in business and how have you applied it? David J. Jacofsky, M.D.  Chairman and CEO The CORE Institute  Sector: Healthcare My father once told me not to focus on developing products, nor business… [More]