Feedback: May 2017

by Mallory Dyer | Jeremy Vetch | Tighe Wilhelmy

Question: What are the top two or three things you enjoy about being in a co-working space? (Include one aspect that was unexpected, if applicable.) Mallory Dyer CEO GraphLock, Inc.  Sector: Education Technology We chose Galvanize because of the amazing people! I came on a hard-hat tour before it opened, and I could already feel the… [More]

Feedback: April 2017

by Bernie Clark | Joaquin Gamboa | Gay Meyer

How important is healthcare as an employee benefit in attracting and retaining talent for your business? Bernie Clark Executive Vice President, Advisor Services Charles Schwab & Co. Sector: Financial Services Schwab is committed to the well-being of our employees and their families. Part of that commitment means listening to employees about what is important to… [More]

Feedback: March 2017

by Melanie Isaacs | Jason Moore | Nicola M. Winkel, MPA

What difference has mentoring made for you in building your business? Melanie Isaacs Founder and Chief Inclusion Officer PAL Experiences Sector: Social Enterprise Nonprofit I left a job of relative stability for the life of an entrepreneur — and have never looked back. Not that it is easy. It’s not. In fact, it is an… [More]

Feedback: February 2017

by Robert L. “Bob” Meyer | Erik Olsson | Stefanie Teller

Regarding your company’s marketing strategies, what is a dramatic tactic you tried in these past two years, and what outcome did you derive from it? Robert L. “Bob” Meyer President and CEO Phoenix Children’s Hospital Sector: Healthcare What some may define as a “dramatic” marketing tactic has quickly become common sense for Phoenix Children’s: We… [More]

Feedback: January 2017

by Tom Beyer | Jack Eberenz

Question: What is a lesson learned from 2016 that you anticipate using to your business’s benefit in 2017? Tom Beyer President and CEO Beyer Management Consulting, Inc. Sector: Management Consulting Strategically, the “total product solution” must be a primary part of the planning process. Total solution is more than the features and benefits of a… [More]

Feedback: December 2016

by Bill Jabjiniak, Janine Jerkovic, Christine Mackay

Question: Describe one or two of your most effective policies or strategies to help startups grow in your city. Bill Jabjiniak Economic Development Director City of Mesa Sector: Government LAUNCHPOINT, Mesa Technology Accelerator is a City of Mesa program created to accelerate the growth of young technology companies, thereby creating quality jobs and economic growth in… [More]

Feedback: November 2016

by David E. Doss | Susan Frank

Question: What distinguishes your credit union from other types of lending institutions? David E. Doss President and Chief Executive Officer OneAZ Credit Union Sector: Financial Services As a local financial cooperative, OneAZ Credit Union exists to serve members who live and work in Arizona. We are owned and controlled by our members, meaning the money they put… [More]

Feedback: October 2016

by Debora Gallo-Capaldi, Michael Cocanower, Michael Cocanower

Question: Stress has a tremendous impact on a person’s well-being. How do you address workplace stress among your employees?   Debora Gallo-Capaldi Owner Pucci Salon Sector: Beauty Salon During particularly stressful times — such as when a stylist is running behind schedule or two clients are waiting — that’s when I’m hands-on. I’m at our salon… [More]

Feedback: September 2016

by Debbie Esparza, Christy McClendon, Terri Wogan-Calderón

Question: As a leader of a nonprofit working with many local business leaders as members of its board of directors, what leadership skills and values do you find most valuable? Debbie Esparza Senior Associate Girl Scouts – Arizona Cactus-Pine Council Sector: Nonprofit Valley Leadership Institute class 35 There are several leadership skills and values that… [More]

Feedback: August 2016

by Sarah Groen, Frank Lara, David Long

Question: “To go” has been a growing part of the restaurant industry. The delivery side of that has largely been focused on pizza, but there seems to be increasing interest in expanding this aspect of the food service industry. What is your take on this trend, and how are you responding to it? Sarah Groen… [More]