Businesses Take Action

by RaeAnne Marsh

There’s been a growing movement of Conscious Capitalism and, in Arizona, the passage of a benefit corporation law. It’s all part of the increased attention to corporate social responsibility. Business extends into every aspect of people’s lives and touches every point on our planet. Many businesses have come to take on a responsibility to forces… [More]

Marketing a Business: The Real Story to Success

by RaeAnne Marsh

Behind every successful company is … a great product or service? Well, yes, that helps. But the more basic ingredient for success is a great story about that great product or service. And that’s marketing. It starts with defining the objective, says Jenavi Kasper, vice president and marketing manager at National Bank of Arizona. Is… [More]

Top Thinkers: Our Guest Editors Speak Out

by RaeAnne Marsh

With New Year’s resolutions in place, it’s always tempting to contemplate how the coming year will play out. In Business Magazine has no crystal ball to make predictions, but we dare to offer some perspective into 2017 as we turn to our past Guest Editors — recognized leaders in our community — to share their… [More]

Startup Phoenix

by RaeAnne Marsh

The past few years have seen a tremendous growth in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the emergence of a strong startup community in Greater Phoenix. The broad interest in incubating businesses and accelerating startup development is evidenced in the diverse membership of the Arizona Business Incubator Association, which ranges from co-working spaces, incubators and accelerators to… [More]

Banking on Your Business

by RaeAnne Marsh

Tales of usurers make for enduring literature (Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice is a notable example), but it’s an indisputable fact that commerce would not exist without reputable financial institutions and loan opportunity. Of course, banking has evolved to be much more than a lending resource. For instance, as Toby Day, chairman of the Arizona Bankers Association… [More]

Strength in Numbers: How Healthcare is Evolving for Business

by RaeAnne Marsh

Healthcare coverage — that’s a big issue for employers these days. And, with the open enrollment period upon us, now is the time many employers are trying to look into the near future to make the best choices for their company and their employees. The challenge is the change that the healthcare landscape is still undergoing.… [More]

What Difference Does Leadership Make?

by RaeAnne Marsh

“What difference does leadership make” may sound like a rhetorical question, but there’s value in understanding how our community continues to advance and improve opportunities for residents and businesses. To go beyond simply wanting something to making it happen requires purposeful decision making and a broad view of the impact. Working with Valley Leadership, which… [More]

Our Food Scene: Making ‘Authentic’ the New Norm

by RaeAnne Marsh

Our pocket of paradise has more than a fair share of celebrity and award-winning chefs spicing up the culinary scene, but what of the restaurateurs whose vison drives the development of our restaurant industry? The Valley is blessed with a plethora of innovators intent on creating unique dining experiences for residents and visitors alike. In… [More]

Success by Example: Q&A’s from Local Greats

by RaeAnne Marsh

Small business is thriving in our state, and in Metro Phoenix specifically. Arizona State University and Grand Canyon University have programs focused on fostering entrepreneurialism; many of the Maricopa County community colleges are also active in this space with specialized programs, notably GateWay Community College‘s incubator, Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation; and numerous business incubators and… [More]

Remaking Economic Development

by Amy Liu

An extensive study by The Brookings Institution underscores shortcomings of the traditional approach, highlights successful emerging strategies, and, effectively, shows how Greater Phoenix is positioned for growth  The lackluster economy is delivering a humbling lesson about economic development: Top-line growth doesn’t ensure bottom-line prosperity. Yet, in too many communities, the practice of conventional economic development remains… [More]