New Year, New ASBA!

by Arizona Small Business Association

With exciting additions to staff, the launch of several new programs and a rebrand in the works, ASBA is taking the expression, “new year, new me,” to a whole other level! ASBA is excited to announce that Jack Lunsford, after serving as “Interim” for five months, has officially been appointed President and CEO. “Jack is… [More]

Federal Law Alert: New I-9 Form Released

by Kristi Feist

The new I-9 form was recently released. As of January 21, 2017, you must now use the new form. Therefore, we recommend you train all employees who are responsible for completing the I-9 and start to use it for new hires as soon as possible. A few important notes about this new form: While the… [More]

There Is Always a Solution 

by Shohreh Aftahi, MBA, Ph.D.

The primary challenge in creating value in business today is far more complex than ever before. The reason for this stems from contradicting performance requirements that companies should meet in order to create value, such as quality and low cost, reliability and speed, customization and standardization, innovation and efficiency. This challenge becomes exacerbated by having… [More]

Safeguarding Your Company from Cyber Tax Crimes – Take Action Now!

by Jonathan D. Klein

As if tax season was not bad enough, the U.S. Internal Revenue Services (IRS) recently issued an urgent alert warning that cybercriminal phishing scams are utilizing a new, more dangerously effective method for large-scale thefts of sensitive tax information from tax preparers, businesses and payroll companies. Once cybercriminals have this sensitive tax information, they may… [More]

In-Network vs. Out-of-Network: What it Means for Your Dental Coverage

by Tiffany DiGiacinto

When you have dental benefits from Delta Dental of Arizona, you can visit any licensed dentist. However, your benefit plan might have limited coverage for services provided by out-of-network dentists. To ensure you’re saving the most money and receiving your full benefit, it’s always best to visit a dentist in the Delta Dental network. Here… [More]

The First Thing to Remember when Working with Family

by Amy Bruske

There’d better be a good reason to get involved in the business. When family members come into a business, they need to be able to add value to it — and the business needs to add value to their lives. If that’s not the case, don’t risk jeopardizing your family’s economic security as well as… [More]

Pokémon Go Reminds Businesses to Protect Confidentiality, Trade Secret and Privileges 

by Elizabeth F. Collura

The newest, hottest game, Pokémon Go, was downloaded more than 7.5 million times on iOS and Android phones in less than a week after its release. The free-to-download game is bringing in $1.6 million in daily revenue in Apple’s iOS store alone, based on in-app purchases. This augmented reality game is currently on the fast… [More]

Stop Being Boring 

by Gelie Akhenblit

Yes, I’m talking to you! I’m talking to the person who walks around the networking event asking everyone their name what they do for a living. The answer to both of those questions is: “Who cares?” When you ask me those questions, it’s really just a generically boring ice-breaker — all you’re trying to do… [More]

Hearing Loss in the Workplace

by Tod Dennis

Noise-related hearing loss is a major occupational health concern. Thousands of workers, annually, suffer from hearing loss because of workplace noise. Even when it is short-term, noise can cause a temporary change in hearing. Noise is measured in decibels (dBA). A small increase in decibels results in a huge change in the noise and the… [More]

Management Development: The Power of Manager as Leader

by Diane Janovsky

Using social power can help us better understand and compare the roles of manager and leader. Managers can develop and leverage personal leadership skills to increase their effectiveness in getting results through people. Although the definition of “leadership” can easily be found in the dictionary, understanding what it truly means to be a leader is… [More]