Why Nonprofit Boards Should Prioritize Generational Diversity

by The Manifesto Project – Arizona  

Today’s emerging workforce is the largest and most diverse in American history. According to The Millennial Impact Project, it numbers nearly 80 million strong, and will account for 50 percent of the workforce by 2020, less than four years from now. Despite their position as an emerging economic and social force, young professionals are not proportionally… [More]

On The Board and In The Spotlight

by Kelly McCullough

What drew you to this organization? I came to the Alliance via my board work for the Arts & Business Council — having transitioned one of its programs, Business On Board, to the Alliance, I was invited to serve on the board. It’s one of our programs that I think has tremendous potential for growth. What… [More]

Nonprofits and Elections Are Intertwined

by Patrick McWhortor

In the middle of this noisy election season, I ask the question: What is the connection between elections and nonprofits? The answer, in short: They are intertwined. This may surprise many of you, so let me explain. First, I will explain what I don’t mean. You may have heard a lot about “dark money.” This… [More]

The Nonprofit/For-Profit Connection

by Jill Maruca

On the first day of school the small girl walked to her teacher, one of her tiny shoes in hand. She held it out to the teacher, who gave a puzzled look. “I need to borrow a pencil, please,” the girl said. Former teacher Barbara Blalock learned that the last school the little girl attended… [More]

Overtime Overview: New Rules Take Effect this December

by Ginny McMinn, Founder and Owner, McMinn HR

After more than a decade without change, the U.S. Department of Labor has introduced new regulations governing exemptions from overtime pay. The regulations apply to the enforcement of the Fair Labor Standards Act. The changes are effective December 1, 2016, for most covered organizations. Employees in exempt jobs are not eligible for overtime pay. Non-exempt positions require… [More]

Working with Nonprofits

by Erik Verryden

Catherine M. Valenzuela President – East Valley, Arizona Business Bank Arizona Business Bank recently assembled most of the agencies that serve Maricopa County’s children in foster care for a roundtable discussion on how we can work together to spread the word about the recent tax law changes regarding charitable donations to these organizations.  It was… [More]

Arizona Nonprofits: Economic Power, Positive Impact

by Carl Jimenez

A recent statewide study examined the economic impact of Arizona’s nonprofit sector, the results of which were published in a report titled “Arizona Nonprofits: Economic Power, Positive Impact”. In the May 2016 issue of In Business Magazine, we reported on the direct financial impact of more than $22 billion the nonprofit sector has on the… [More]

Finding Common Ground For Greater Impact

by Kristen Merrifield

I know what you’re thinking: “Why is there a nonprofit section in a ‘business’ magazine?” But my hope is that it will become increasingly clear as you navigate through this inaugural section where our goal is to strengthen the critical connection between the for-profit and nonprofit sectors in Arizona. Let’s explore together how we can… [More]

Finding the Right Fit as a Board Member

by Sharon Flanagan-Hyde

Josiah happily served for six years as a board member of a social profit organization focused on homeless youth, the maximum allowed by the board’s term limit. He thought about transitioning to a volunteer direct-service role, but realized he truly enjoyed governance. He approached another social profit organization with a mission close to his heart… [More]

On The Board and In The Spotlight: Profile on Nonprofit Board Member Samantha Hagan

by Samantha Hagan

How long have you served on this board?  May 2016 will be 6 years What drew you to this organization?  A client told me about Gabriel’s Angels and their CEO Pam Gaber, so I reached out to meet her for coffee. At the time I was looking to join a local board; I wanted to… [More]