March 2017 Message from Phaedra Earhart

by Phaedra Earhart

So far, this year has been full of forming new partnerships and creating lasting relationships with our community partners, such as ASBA, ASU Sparxx, Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, e-Women Network and Athena Valley of the Sun, to name just a few. We are looking for more community alliances to partner with on a monthly… [More]

Focus on Your Digital Marketing to Increase Sales 

by Jim Varner and Laurie Anderson

A website with an integrated CRM (customer relationship management) may be the tool to drive increased sales, since it allows you to focus on your top prospects! Ideally, you want to achieve increased sales and better customer service with minimal effort. A CRM tool allows you to manage customer information in one location and provides… [More]

Are You Having Fun Yet?

by Isabel Banerjee

What’s the point of having your own business if you’re not having fun? Really, considering how hard you work, the sacrifices you make, the risks you face; shouldn’t the rewards be as great or greater? Here are some suggestions to help you significantly increase the rewards and returns from your business, minimize the risks, and… [More]

7 Steps to Effective Delegation 

by Cindy Gordon

Having a successful, thriving company can only occur when your team flourishes. The onus is on leaders to create a business culture that focuses on helping each person grow and expand her skills, knowledge and responsibilities. Unfortunately, this can be very challenging for many of us because of a lack of time and an inability… [More]

Sitting Is a Pain in the Butt 

by Kathleen Gramzay, BCTMB

Have you heard the idiom “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes”? Well, instead of walking in someone else’s shoes, I have been sitting in someone else’s office chair. All I can say is, given the option, hand me those shoes! I’ll admit I’ve been spoiled. For the last 17 years as a self-developed, movement-based… [More]

Getting Back to Basics with Healthcare

by Melanie Dunlap

Our first form of medicine was herbs. Even with our scientific advances, plants are still one of our most valuable healthcare resources. Discussions about healthcare tend to focus on big-ticket items like hospital stays, doctor visits and medical tests. But that is only a fraction of healthcare and doesn’t even address the issue of prevention.… [More]

The Smart Money Is on Businesses that Think Globally 

by Wendy Anderton

Successful businesses know they must think outside of their communities and neighborhoods to excel. Savvy business leaders consistently work to develop relationships globally, if not for the purpose of conducting business, then to affect and influence public policy and diplomatic efforts world-wide. From local to global, the smart money is on those enterprises that encourage… [More]

How Accountability Helps You Master Your Goals 

by Stephanie Angelo, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

As the facilitator of High Stakes Mastermind Groups, I see a lot of driven, organized people. And they’re reaching their goals through accountability. These people know what they are doing. These people have it together. They are executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, trailblazers and leaders. They’re educated and have big dreams. Often, they’ve made their dreams come true without… [More]

New Year, New ASBA!

by Arizona Small Business Association

With exciting additions to staff, the launch of several new programs and a rebrand in the works, ASBA is taking the expression, “new year, new me,” to a whole other level! ASBA is excited to announce that Jack Lunsford, after serving as “Interim” for five months, has officially been appointed President and CEO. “Jack is… [More]

Federal Law Alert: New I-9 Form Released

by Kristi Feist

The new I-9 form was recently released. As of January 21, 2017, you must now use the new form. Therefore, we recommend you train all employees who are responsible for completing the I-9 and start to use it for new hires as soon as possible. A few important notes about this new form: While the… [More]