To Telecommute or Not to Telecommute?

by Anne Caldwell 

Today’s workforce is changing. More than 80 percent of employees consider telecommuting a job perk, and 36 percent would sacrifice salary for the option of telecommuting at work, according to a survey conducted by Global Workplace Analytics. This begs the question: Should employers provide telecommuting options? The increased demand and employee popularity of telecommuting in… [More]

The Value of Values-Based Hiring

by Brian Mohr and Richard Tollefson 

It happens all the time: A candidate with impeccable credentials steps up to a nonprofit leadership position only to step down within a year or so. But why? And why so often? A number of reasons could be at play — expectations aren’t being met (by employee or employer), co-workers’ work styles clash, the workload… [More]

What Is Fair Competition in the War for Talent?

by James Pooley

In today’s hyper-competitive global economy, talent is often your most valuable weapon. If you’re like most business leaders, you’re not above engaging in a little employee-poaching to improve your position. After all, if you can entice an MVP from another company to enlist in your ranks, you’ll deprive the competition of a key asset while… [More]

We’re Stuck in a Success Crisis! 

by Susan Ford Collins

Success and leadership have gears — and we’re not shifting them correctly. We’ve gotten stuck in the “more-better-faster, what-have-you-done-for-me-lately, too-busy-racing-around-to-enjoy-our-lives” gear. We’re over-fed, under-nourished, over-medicated, under-rested and under-satisfied. Think of the wear and tear trying to drive everywhere using only one gear — second gear — would put on a car. That’s what’s happening to… [More]

Holiday Etiquette, HR Style

by Whitney Sedwick Meister

’Tis the season … when merriment sometimes gets the better of good HR sense. Here are a few tips to help companies stay out of hot water at the annual holiday party. Invite the “better halves.” Holiday parties are synonymous with alcohol, and while there are many ways a company can reduce its risk, a… [More]

Make Room for Millennials

by Michal Tyra and William Bessette

It might seem an odd fit: a nonprofit aligning itself with 20- to 32-year-olds who, at first blush, appear to have little in common with such institutions. But successful nonprofits believe such a pairing is simply good strategy, especially considering that half the U.S. work force by 2020 will consist of this young demographic known… [More]

Harnessing the Power of Volunteers

by Laurel Kimball

Volunteers are everywhere — sorting donations at food banks, tutoring children at local schools and greeting visitors at the zoo. They play an integral role in nonprofits across America, guiding tours at museums, visiting the sick at hospitals and wielding hammers for Habitat for Humanity. They also are active behind the scenes, serving on boards… [More]

Employers, Employees and Workplace Violence

by RaeAnne Marsh

Workplace violence affects nearly 2 million American workers every year — more, actually, as that is just the number of incidents that are reported. According to Jessie Atencio, assistant director and consultation and training program manager for the Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health, violence can occur at any workplace, and he notes it… [More]

Where are America’s Most Innovative Technology Hubs?

by Mike Hunter

An important question to ask, of late, is, “Who is on top in innovation technology?” because the answer truly can make a difference in local markets that are all vying for the top position — or very close to the top. The good news is, many of the top communities are on top because they… [More]

How to Hire the Best Job Candidates

by Tony Beshara, Ph.D.

Most business leaders claim that hiring quality individuals for their organization is one of their highest priorities. Nevertheless, many of them tend to think that skilled interviewing and hiring come naturally, and that, because they are good at their jobs, they must also be innately good at interviewing and hiring. The truth is, effective interviewing… [More]