Workplace Healthy: Making ‘Employee Experience’ Impact Your Business

Employees do their best for employers who do their best for their workforce. An environment that fosters a healthy attitude results ...


Disruptive Innovation: The Quintessential David and Goliath Story

Disruptive innovation can be deliberately engineered, but the term “disruptive” is a relative concept. As we apply it to business, ...

2015 Healthcare Decisions

2015 Healthcare Decisions

Open Enrollment & Healthcare Guide for Business


Doing Good by Business

Philanthropy  wasn’t just an element added to the business when Robert Thornton launched Paper Clouds Apparel eight years ago; it ...

Workplace Healthy: Making ‘Employee Experience’ Impact Your Business


Disruptive Innovation: The Quintessential David and Goliath Story


2015 Healthcare Decisions


Doing Good by Business


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R. Allan Allford, Delta Dental of Arizona

Workplace health is a complicated issue, and employers face a multitude of responsibilities. One aspect, of course, is the healthcare … [More]

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New Labor Rules Are Reason for Risk Assessment

The National Labor Relations Board has, historically, focused on the unionized part of the National Labor Relations Act, but the act has always covered non-unionized employees as well — and this is where the current NLRB is especially focused. The … [More]


Distracted Driving Is an Employer Issue

Distracted driving is a potential minefield for employers, due to a liability issue that many misunderstand. “A common mistake is to think, ‘If it’s the driver’s equipment, we don’t have any responsibility.’ That is not so,” says David Lewis, CEO of … [More]


Uber-Local: ‘Vicinity Magazine’

Knowing what is happening, what restaurants are offering, where live music is being performed and what deals are available in “my” vicinity is the concept of the new uber-local, uber-hip Vicinity magazines. The publications, website and mobile app … [More]

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Motivation: Why Money Won’t Work

Spending time trying to identify what motivates one’s employees and then finding meaningful ways to do those things might not be the easiest strategy, but it is one that is consistently more successful than money. While we all love a good gift card, … [More]


The Vig: Four Neighborhood Hotspots

The Vig restaurants began with a first location in the Arcadia neighborhood — to great acclaim. The intent was to create a family-friendly and fun neighborhood tavern serving American and tavern-inspired comfort food at a good price with the … [More]


2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport

Known as the luxury SUV brand around the world, Land Rover has continually shaped the market with multiple models to accommodate for size, price, performance and terrain. The 2015 Land Rover Discovery comes at a time when the market is being … [More]


Finance: Employee Wellness Benefit

Financial wellness is increasingly a concern of employers for their employees. “There’s almost universal awareness now that financial problems affect business,” says Mike Sullivan, director of education with Take Charge America, explaining that … [More]




Farmers Insurance Supports Sandra Day…

Farmers Insurance℠ will host the Kick-Off Classic at Phoenix’s Sandra Day O’Connor High School (SDOC) on Friday, August 21, having made a $15,000 donation to mark the beginning of the school’s football season. The donation helps fund the purchase of … [More]



Breathe Right Nasal Strips Powerhouse Dr. Dan…

Airware Labs Corporation has appointed Dan Cohen, M.D., to the newly created position of President of Airware Labs Corporation. CEO Jeffrey Rassas said the appointment becomes effective immediately. Dr. Cohen is the former founder, chairman and … [More]



P.B. Bell Earns Top Honors For Safety…

P.B. Bell, a leader in multi-family housing development, management and acquisitions, is being recognized for its commitment to safety.  For the eighth consecutive year, P.B. Bell has been included on CopperPoint Mutual Insurance Company’s exclusive … [More]



Q2 2015 Market and Economic Update…

As Phoenix moves into the dog days of summer, Arizona investors are mindful that market volatility is heating up due to uncertainty over a resolution of the Greek debt crisis and the timing of the Federal Reserve's first rate hike in almost a decade. … [More]