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No one is good at everything. So, with the many hats a business owner must wear, some will be in ...

2015 Top 50 Industry Leaders

2015 Top 50 Industry Leaders

Our most comprehensive guide to Greater Phoenix Leading Small Businesses


Got Tech? Got the Right Tech?

What exactly is productivity? In professional terms, productivity often means, well … more. But, more what? In a literal sense, ...


Tech Sectors: The Technology Advantage, Sustaining Arizona’s Economy

Jobs in the technology sector are among the best-paying, and therefore help to raise the economy generally. There is also ...

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2015 Top 50 Industry Leaders


Got Tech? Got the Right Tech?


Tech Sectors: The Technology Advantage


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Back to Basics 2.0

No one is good at everything. So, with the many hats a business owner must wear, some will be in the comfort zone and some in an area of … [More]

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Robert J. Blaney, U.S. Small Business

Business in Arizona is in growth mode, from startups creating their space in the marketplace to established companies expanding their … [More]

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Keep Out of the Friend Zone 

“Keep your work life and business life separate.” “Don’t get involved in your employees’ personal matters.” “There is no place for friendships in the office.” This is all age-old advice, but it is out of sync with what really happens in our … [More]


Sweepstakes Offers: Legal Promotion or Illegal

Many businesses look to hold sweepstakes, raffles, poker tournaments and other contests for marketing purposes. They don’t realize that these activities can amount to illegal gambling. “Gambling” generally means risking something of value for a … [More]


Good Data Saves Lives

One thousand people die every day due to medical error. This shocking revelation at a Senate hearing last year put medical error at the No. 3 position for cause of death in the United States. Electronic health records (EHRs) are seen as part of the … [More]

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Technology Assesses Physical Fitness for the

A post-hiring physical involves a host of compliance issues, but technology is giving businesses a way to assess some applicants’ fitness for the job as a simple step in the interview process. “Cost Reduction Technologies came up with a way to … [More]


Taking the Southern Rail

Nostalgic in so many ways, Southern Rail Restaurant is quickly becoming a local tradition and certainly an adventure in dining. The American South is the inspiration for this rustic and upscale casual gem located amongst the Changing Hands Bookstore … [More]


2015 Lexus RC 350 F Sport

A true performance coupe, the all-new 2015 Lexus RC 350 F Sport is a sight to behold and an experience to be had. The sleek, low-stance design and sporty good looks are why this machine is getting so much attention and accolade by … [More]


Middle Market Firms Are Becoming Economy’s

They may lack the romantic narrative of small businesses, which are seen as the fruits of the American Dream. And they may lack the instant name recognition that comes with being a huge corporation. But middle market firms, defined as businesses … [More]



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T.W. Lewis Foundation Awards Ten Scholarships…

T.W. Lewis Foundation continues its mission to help people reach their potential by offering 10 high performing graduates with a $5,000 scholarship for four years ($20,000 total) to Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University (ASU.) The … [More]


Brad Halvorsen

Flinn Foundation Executive’s Retirement…

After more than five years in a key role at the Flinn Foundation, Executive Vice President Cathy McGonigle has announced her retirement. McGonigle’s departure June 26 will trigger three additional leadership changes at the Foundation. Two of the … [More]


From left to right: NDSC Executive Director, David Tolleson, Area VP and JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort GM, Steve Hart and NDSC Board President, Marilyn Tolbert
(Photo credit: JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort)

Marriott International Receives National Down…

The National Down Syndrome Congress (NDSC) presented the 2015 Employer of the Year Award to Marriott International during the NDSC’s annual awards banquet at JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort on Saturday, June 27. Marriott was honored with the same … [More]